From Brighton to Dublin

Purl Alpaca Designs have just landed in Dublin. For the first time ever we have left the shores of the UK behind and headed overseas. Over the Irish Sea, to be precise.

Kari-Helene's journey started in stunning sunshine in Brighton Tuesday morning with a bus journey to the station. From there she got on the train to London. The journey continued from King's Cross to Cambridge where Tracy picked her up from the station. Tracy had to stay at home to look after the alpacas this time, so Karen got behind the wheel and of they went on the drive to Liverpool where they stayed overnight (of course not without two hours of super slow traffic on the M6).

The journey continued from Liverpool in the VERY early hours of Wednesday (5.30am to be precise) with the beautiful drive through lovely Welsh countryside to Holyhead to catch the 9am ferry.
Both Kari-Helene and Karen were a bit nervous about the journey across the sea, but didn't have to worry! The sea was calm, the sun was warm and there was knitting taking place on deck. Perfect.

Bessie enjoyed being put on the freight deck with the enormous trucks and Karen and Kari-Helene enjoyed their trucker's privileges. Did you know there is a dedicated lounge for truckers on ferries? We certainly didn't. Now we know there is really only one way to travel. We enjoyed a proper, greasy fry up in the company of burly, tattooed, swearing and farting, middle aged men, and you can believe a couple of eyebrows were raised when after breakfast knitting commenced!

We arrived in Dublin in glorious sunshine and started driving towards the Royal Dublin Society Showground. On one of Dublin's bridges we came to a stand still from what looked to be an accident. We sat in a queue for a little while before we got a clear route through and could see that a car had hit a swan. The swan was a bit dazed and sitting on the pavement when we drove past. Fingers crossed it was not too badly injured and will get nursed back to full health!
We arrived at the RDS without further ado and got the stand set up. Now, the rain is hammering against the windows, but we are warm and cosy in a lovely flat by the canal.

So, where did we put the Guinness?


Errata to Venus Coat v.1 Oct 2014

We have had to rework the numbers on the Venus Coat to make sure the ribbing at the shoulders match beautifully in all sizes. There are changes in the top half of the coat only, so if you have already cast on and started working on the skirt, fear not, you won't have to undo it all!

Click here to access the errata page.


Customer Projects

Did you know we have a group on Ravelry where lots of finished projects are photographed and posted by their proud knitting owners?  Take a look here

Last month, Anna H sent us these images of her beautifully made Isis and Esme; we think they look stunning!

Anna said:


Just thought you might like to see our completed garments purchased from you at Wonderwool, Wales earlier in the year?

We enjoyed our day out and hope to be there again next year. I'm sure we'll get lots of pleasure wearing them when it gets colder!

Kind regards


Keep those fabulous images coming!


Goldie Errata

Correction to Goldie Collar pattern version 1 Oct 2014.

Remove the following section from the top of column 2, page 2:
Continue as set, including a further
10 sts on every row for a further 4

Replace with:
Row 20: Purl 47 sts, WT.
Row 21: Knit 57 sts, WT.


Alpacas are thriving at Burwash Manor

The alpacas are settling into their new green fields really well and Tracy is getting used to looking after them again. The alpacas are also getting used to Tracy again, which is good! The alpacas are happy to come eat apples out of your hand again and they were all very curious when we brought a group of 12 over to the field a couple of weeks ago. Some behaved better than other (we won't be mentioning any names, will we, Inca?) but all in all they did a decent job.

 These are all the girls in their field, and behind the trees at the bottom of their field are the boys. When we were there the boys were staring longingly in the direction of the girls. We'll just have to hope they won't be able to jump Tracy's fences!

The new addition to the herd is Bollinger. As Hero, one of Tracy's best boys were related to most of the females he could not be used as a stud male for Tracy's herd, so she swapped him with another breeder in a similar situation and got Bolly in return. A fabulous boy with really dense and fine fleece, we can't wait to see what creas will come of this next year!

Yarndale 2014

Northern England is beautiful. If you haven't been to Yorkshire or Cumbria or the surrounding areas we strongly recommend you go! And if it just happens to be on the weekend of one of the many fabulous knitting shows found in that part of the country, hey, who can blame you if you swing by? You're there for the scenery right? And maybe just a little bit for the fluff... We won't tell if you don't.

We went to Skipton the weekend before last and it was fabulous as always. The weather was spectacular, our journey there was easy (no nearly running out of petrol this time), we met with our lovely friends from County Alpacas and the Yarndale show was bigger and better than last year! It couldn't get much better!

 The queue to get into the show on Saturday morning was even longer than last year and doubled back on itself. However, the show seemed much better organised. They were prepared for the crowds, catering and toilet facilities were improved and we didn't hear any complaints about traffic or parking issues.

 This is Ross. Last year she bought the Iago kit and she has done a marvelous job of making it! Well done, Ross!

 This isn't one of our designs, but we thought this little Toft elephant was so cute, we had to show him off. Their book, Edwards Menagerie is great for crocheters and amigurumi fans!

This is the lovely Meghan. She made Isis since last year and she looked fabulous wearing it! Every time she came onto our stand we'd sell another kit. We should pay her commission.

Thank you to Yarndale for yet another fabulous show, we had a blast! And thank you to all you fabulous knitters for coming to see us on the stand, showing us what you had made, telling us about your experience with our kits and just saying hi! We had a fabulous time and look forward to seeing you again next year!


New Collection is launched!

Yes, it's that time of year again when the latest Purl Alpaca Collection is unveiled for the delectation of all knitters. The collection can be viewed from 8th October at Alexandra Palace Knitting & Stitching Show and will be available on our website from Monday 6th October.

This year’s theme combines lightweight knits with lots of lace and as few seams as possible.  Kari-Helene's favourite piece is the Venus Coat, with its full swirling shape and 'empire line' bodice, creating an understated elegance.

Whilst Tracy's favourite is Grace: anyone who has made Balboa will instantly recognise the structure of the shaping detail, but this time, Kari-Helene has created a different look entirely by adding sleeves.

Cyrene is a fabulous tailored jacket with collar and lapels; it just oozes natural simplicity and chic:  

Niobe is another of the romantic knits; a stunning jumper with lace striped detailing. (Kari-Helene loves this image - definitely one with attitude):

In contrast to this, Glacier is a wonderfully cosy, box jacket; designed specifically for our chunky yarn. The simplicity of the design makes this an easy knit whilst the structure, texture and drape makes it look accomplished and luxurious.

 Bryony has a waterfall front with ribbed detail across the yoke at the back for that casual sophisticated look. It's a great piece for layering, very versatile and comfortable. The clever thing about this design lies in its construction. Knitted in one piece with only two seams it will give even the experienced knitter something to think about!

And the last of our larger pieces to introduce you to is Devon.  This is a seriously romantic, blouson top combining cabling, lace and a drop stitch pattern creating a stunning result:

For accessories, we have two fabulous hats, Holly, with lace knit detail:

Based on Florence Cowl but with the brim turned up and caught with a stylish button:

The Rhea Wrist Warmers have two sides, lace detail on the front and practical ribbing on the palm:

Then there are two types of neck warmer, the lace knit, blouson style Dilly Cowl:

 which is a stark contrast to the more regimented Goldie Collar:

We hope you enjoy the natural simplicity, subtleness and authentic sophistication of the Wonderland Collection.  This also means that the download prices for our Manor Farm Patterns have dropped to £4.00 for the larger size and £3.00 for the smaller. All the patterns from the Wonderland Collection are also available both as download and paper patterns and on Ravelry.

We look forward to your comments and to seeing you soon.