Customer Gallery - a couple of winter warmers!

 Winter has definitely made its entry and we are wrapping up warm in knitwear! So are you, by the looks of it and here are some of the fabulous finished garments you have made:

The Niobe Jumper - by Nona

Amazing styling of the Niobe jumper by Nona

 We are absolutely in love with this fabulous version of our Niobe Jumper, and so is its maker, Nona:

"I love the sweater/pattern. So much that I am making a blue one now. I thought the pattern was fun to knit up too, it was clever how it knit up and over the shoulders flat like that."

The Olivia Coat  - by Marianne

Marianne wearing her lovely Olivia Coat

We are absolutely in love with this picture of Marianne wearing her Olivia Coat whilst walking through a park in Paris. We wish we were there too!

The Isis Tailcoat - by Eva

What a fabulous outfit! Isis Tailcoat made by Eva.

Eva is from New York and has made her Isis Tailcoat in Lark from Quince & Co. It's fabulous to see our patterns knitting up so beautifully in yarn that is available in the US. And we do love Quince & Co anyways!

Do send us photos of you wearing your finished garments and you may get a spot in the next Customer Gallery blog!

Tracy & Kari-Helene xxx


A home made Christmas - 5 ideas for her!

Time always seems to fly by the last months before Christmas and we can never get enough of the quick fix gift ideas! Knitting is often seen as a slow and time consuming craft, but it doesn't always have to be this way! Here are some great ideas for relatively quick knits for the lovely ladies in your life!

1. Misty Turban and Wrist Warmers. 

Misty Turban and Wrist Warmers are always popular!
 The Misty Turban and Wrist Warmers are one of our all time best sellers and loved by everyone. Especially popular with teenagers, this might be the knit to make for your daughter/grand daughter! Take a look at this blog post from our customer gallery!

2. Florence Cowl

Florence Cowl knitting kit

The Florence Cowl is a fantastic knit for those looking for a little bit of a challenge. Even though the knit is a little more complicated it is made on large needles and grows really quickly. Kari-Helene once knitted 2 in less than a week! Take a look at Ravelry for lots of inspiration and finished projects.

3.  Dusty Snood

Dusty Snood is a quick knit and a versatile accessory!
Using 8mm needles and using a 2 row pattern repeat, the Dusty snood is almost done before you have started. Once finished it makes an incredibly versatile accessory especially suited to those who live in cold and wet climates! Dusty Snood is especially popular as it doubles up as both hat and scarf!

4. Holly Hat

Wear the Holly Hat as a beret or as a slouchy beanie.
 Incredibly light weight and lovely to wear the Holly Hat is certain to become a winner at Christmas! Choose from 1 of our 10 completely natural colours and knit your own to suit its receiver perfectly. This hat is knitted in the round either on circular needles using the magic loop technique or on double pointed needles.

5. Lucky Headband

A new and innovative take on the cable headband!
From our latest collection we have chosen to include the Lucky Headband. Incredibly quick to make and yet so intricate and accomplished looking you are certain to get lots of admiring thank you's for this one at Christmas! This is also definitely one that will get worn lots, so easy to carry around in your handbag and so warm and lovely to wear! Take a look at this testimonials from a very happy headband receiver!

We look forward to seeing photos of your knitted give aways this year! Send us your snaps of the finished items modeled by happy receivers; although we understand you might want to wait until after Christmas!

Happy Knitting,

Tracy & Kari-Helene xxx

Correction to Louisianna Jacket v.1

It has been brought to our attention that the complete width measurements on the diagram of the Louisianna Jacket are incorrect.

The correct measurements are as follows:  81.5 [91.5, 101, 111.5, 118.5] cm

We hope this issue has not caused too many problems and hope you enjoy knitting Louisianna!


A home made Christmas - 5 ideas for him!

It's time to get the needles ready for some speedy Christmas present knitting. If you are not halfway through that Aran jumper by now you are quickly running out of time! Here are a few ideas for quick knits for the men in your life!

1. George Hat & Scarf

George Hat & Scarf set knitted in tow tones of lovely alpaca yarn
The George Hat & Scarf set has long been a favourite of ours, and now we have taken new pictures to show just how brilliantly this set works for men! It's an uncomplicated stitch pattern worked on big needles making this a quick project to finish. This is definitely one that will be possible to finish in time for Christmas whilst it looks like it took you all year!

2. Adie Hat

The Adie Hat - complete with pom pom
The pom pom hat is trendier than ever and popular both for men and women. This one suits the trendy man not scared of standing out from the crowd! This kit is available in our 10 shades of beautifully soft alpaca yarn.

3. Alfie Hat

Alfie Hat - a chunky knit hat

Here's the quick fix! Made from 1 ball of our chunky alpaca yarn and knitted on big needles, this is a project you will finish in a couple of evenings. It's knitted top down and can be made to the exact length you wish!

4. Darcy Snood

Darcy Snood knits up really quickly!
Looking for something different to make? Here's an idea; the Darcy Snood works really well for guys who can't be asked with long scarf flopping all over the place. This snood stays exactly were you want it, round your neck keeping it toasty warm.

5. Bolly Waistcoat

Bolly Waistcoat

Quick knitter? You have still got time for a slightly bigger project. The Bolly Wasitcoat is made using our Medium thickness yarn (equivalent to a Worsted weight, between a DK and Aran yarn) and on 6 mm needles. Knitted in the round and using mainly plain knitting it grows so fast you will be finished in no time at all!

There you have it, our top 5 ideas for knits for him you can still make in time for Christmas. What are you planning on knitting?

Tracy & Kari-Helene xxx


Customer Gallery - a few fabulous knits!

We always love seeing what you make and it's fabulous when you come to the shows wearing your knitted garments. Not everyone have the chance to come see us at the shows so we have a solution! You email us with your pictures of you wearing your finished piece and we will blog about you! What say you? Yes?

Some of you are already doing this and here are a few of the recent ones!

Garry attended a workshop this summer and has emailed us with the photos of his finished Geronimo Jumper! We are loving the end result, Garry. It really fits you well and the finishing looks superb!

Garry has knitted a fabulous version of the Geronimo Jumper

Linda has knitted the Balboa Waistcoat in our Alpaca Night yarn, a completely natural black, and has sent us this photo of her wearing it. It fits you really well, Linda, and we love the shawl pin! 

Linda has knitted the Balboa Waistcoat in Alpaca Night

Finally we have Cynthia wearing her Olivia Coat in Alpaca Storm. This image really shows off your Olivia, and we think it suits you so much! Fabulous necklace, too! 

Cynthia looks fabulous in her Olivia Coat!

Have you finished something recently? Would you like to be included in our next customer gallery update? Email us with your pictures of you wearing what you have made and you might just see yourself on the blog!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Tracy & Kari-Helene


L'Automne - a surprise baby alpaca in autumn!

Our last surprise baby was born on the 21st October.  We had no idea this cria was on the way until about 2 months ago when Isis started showing signs and growing outwards at an alarming rate (if she wasn't pregnant that is!).  This being the 'L' year, we're calling her the autumn in French.  So here she is, Lautomne;

On the day she was born - 21/10/15

After a couple of days, she was named Lautomne
Lautomne has 3 pastimes, sleeping, feeding and running

Because she was born so late in the year and the nights have started getting chilly, it is important that Lautomne wears a coat for the first few weeks of her life. When an alpaca is born they only have a very soft and silky layer of fleece and until Lautomne's secondary fibre grows through, she could easily get cold. We are not usually ones for promoting fashion for animals, but when they serve such an important purpose, it's a different story!

Linatra is fascinated by Lautomne who is now 1 week old

Here's a sweet little story from the field; Lautomne was asleep and the herd had moved off to another part of the field (including Isis, her mother).  Iago waited with the sleeping baby until she woke up and he then nuzzled her to get up and pushed her towards the others.  Ahh!

Love from Tracy in the field with the alpacas! x